What we offer Management Buy Out (MBO) teams

The Management Buy-Out Centre can help you buy the business you currently run through an MBO, by matching you with the private equity firm in the best position to back your particular buyout transaction.

We are able to raise backing for management buy-outs of all sizes, from as little as �1m in exceptional cases (our normal minimum is �5m) to �1 billion-plus. We can assist businesses in all sectors. While we are UK-based, our network is international, and we are able to connect MBO teams with funding in most countries where there is a developed private equity industry.

Our services are usually free to existing management teams. We are normally paid only on successful completion of a transaction; our fees form part of the deal costs payable by the investor.

We tailor our service to individual teams and circumstances but The Management Buy-Out Centre is normally involved in the following:

  • Initial, totally confidential contact with management and assessment of the buy-out plan;
  • Discreet meetings with the team to refine the MBO proposal and advise on likely funding sources;
  • Approaching and negotiating with those private equity investors, or other sources of funding, that are likely to be your best partners with whom to MBO and run the business. In advising on this, we take into account the size of the business, its sector and location, the sort of support the team wants going forward and the reputation of the chosen partner – we only deal with those general partners that we know to be top quality;
  • Helping the team to understand and negotiate the many terms, conditions and legal agreements involved in completing an MBO;
  • If required, advice going forward when you own the business, or come to sell it

If you are an existing management buy-out and may have the chance to carry on with the business in a secondary transaction, we understand the difficulty of maintaining good relations with your existing backers and at the same time finding new investment from another private equity firm you may not know. We can assist you at all stages of this delicate process.

We appreciate that securing the right MBO backing is crucial to you. For this reason, we act swiftly, discreetly and professionally. If, following your initial enquiry, we agree you have a potentially backable proposition, we will arrange to meet you – normally within seven days, if needs be sooner. This can be at our premises or yours, or elsewhere; we are happy to meet outside office hours.

Having taken a detailed brief we will then work to secure investment for your MBO from a supportive and motivated private equity firm, then continue to liaise between you and your backers until the deal completes.

Finally, private equity firms sometimes face difficulties during the deal process for reasons unrelated to the transaction itself. We have been involved with a team that needed to replace its backer – not one we selected – and did so seamlessly and quickly. In the unlikely event of this happening to you we may be able to help.

For more information email The Management Buy-Out Centre on buyouts@mbocentre.com. Your enquiry will be handled in the utmost confidence, by a partner.

The Management Buy-Out Centre LLP
Email: enquiry@mbocentre.com

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